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Superintendent's Blog 2.23.2018

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Posted on September 21, 2017





It’s that time of year when there are a lot of things happening.  The good work in our schools is in full throttle.  Teachers are working hard to prepare for end of the year outcomes as well as state assessments.  


Without a doubt, our school district may have experienced, “one for the record!”  We’ve had a bumpy start to school, water, weather, gas, can you name it all?  As we round the bend on the second semester, there are many amazing things happening in the Pawhuska Schools.  One of the things the administrative team has tried to do is reach out to employ more communication.  This has happened through our School Messenger, Facebook, Twitter, and google email.  We’ve recently added the Remind app and that may be found for access at our district website


Parent Teacher Conferences will be held March 27 and 29.  Typically as the students get older, we have less participation from parents and guardians.  We would love for you to make sure you visit with teachers, especially the 7th – 12th grades.  With our first year of our 1:1 chromebook device implementation, we want to talk about the ways in which the increased access to technology has improved instruction and engagement for students and teachers.


We have a wonderful community.  Our many community partners are engaging in conversations about how to ensure schools and student learning is connected to the greater community.  We have been participating in the Oklahoma Creative Community conversations and working to ensure that that the school district and community have a common voice and partnership about the education of our students.


It’s been a privilege to work with the talented group of educators and board of education in the Pawhuska Public Schools.  Some of my passion and voice is shared via Twitter @Pawhuskapower.  Here you may find some research, trending educational stories and topics, and best practices.  


Thank you for your support of the Pawhuska Public Schools.  We need all of you in the core mission of ensuring our students are career and college ready!